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Somewhat improbably, Roy Blunt has been put in charge of a Republican “working group on health care solutions.” I say somewhat improbably, because he doesn’t seem to have a profile in working on health care policy, nor does he offer any new ideas differentiating himself from the usual conservative blather about competion. Well, we are talking about the modern GOP – they sure do like to stay with the horse that brung ’em… to defeat after defeat.

By usual Republican blather, I mean the usual talk about free market competition while curiously leaving out any mention of his support for billions of dollars in subsidies to insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Oh, and he doesn’t mention that his opposition to expanding children’s health care coverage stems partly from his opposition to tobacco taxes that help to finance the expansion. Roy divorced his wife of 35 years to marry a tobacco lobbyist in 2003, and his son Andy is a registered lobbyist for Altria.

Looking at the working group’s “website” (which is really just a page on Blunt’s House website), he has a push poll up, narrowly tailored to exclude discussion of public options in healthcare reform.

But he does ask what you think about health care. So I advise you to take him up on his offer. Tell him what you think. Here’s what I wrote: