There’s republicanism, which can be used to describe how republics are run (hint: people are usually heeded in this model of Government). And there’s Republicanism, where the Republican party runs things according to their own narrowing ideological base.

If you’ve read the site before, you’ll know which approach is being taken by Allen Icet, the powerful Budget Committee chairman in the 2009 Budget season.

When it comes to numbers, 89 of 163 is a lot more important than 58/39 when it comes to shaping the direction of this state.

“I don’t think future budget chairmen will ever go back to introducing the governor’s budget – it doesn’t matter what party they are,” Icet said.

Weird little after-effect of term limits. Legislators who have less time to make a mark, are marking their turf and amassing more power than the pre-term limits era of the General Assembly. But there is one more good thing about term limits, no more Allen Icet in the House in 2011.