on a billboard.  I don’t know if this is a good thing.  I think Rush will love it, absolutely love it.  This is what my Mom might say is us allowing Rush to get our collective goat.  Rush is a useful idiot and I think a move such as this might use up his utility. It seems there have, so far, been more subtle and more effective ways of showing him to be the ass that he is while makeing the GOP look too incompetent and too weak to prevent the lunatic from running the asylum. I do believe this will attract listeners, if only to hear Rush’s reaction and him spitting all over himself.  One thing that I really don’t expect is the GOP members of Congress comeing out to defend Rush, but I won’t be surprised if they start screaming “politics as ususal”.  I’m not a Party strategist by any means.  I’m just sayin’… and asking what you think?

This is the relevant part of the e-mail the DNC sent me:

I’m Jen O’Malley Dillon, the new Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve had the urge to talk back to a right-wing talk radio host more than a few times. Now you can.

Rush Limbaugh has made waves lately about his desire to see President Obama fail. And he’s unapologetic, even though Americans voted in November for the very kind of change the President is bringing to Washington. As even Limbaugh must know, if the President fails, America fails.

Incredibly, Republican leaders have yet to condemn Limbaugh for his destructive comments. In fact, Republicans like Congressman Eric Cantor, a leader in the House, have adopted the Limbaugh strategy, telling the Washington Post recently that their strategy on the President’s jobs plan was “just saying no.”

The only Republican leader to challenge Limbaugh — the chairman of the Republican National Committee — even called Rush to apologize just a few days later.

But we have no apologies for Rush, just a message. We need you to come up with a slogan, in ten words or less, that we’ll put on a billboard where he can’t miss it — in his hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Can you help us come up with a message for Rush that we’ll place on a billboard right in his hometown?