We have all heard lots lately about why Rush Limbaugh is worst of the worst or why, from the right, he is just telling it like it is.  Does it strike anyone else, however, that lots of the noise from both the left and the right seems to miss the real point?  

It is one thing to think that policies will not succeed and to oppose them because  something else will be better. It is a whole other thing to want policies to fail, and in the case of Congressional Republicans, work to insure that they fail, because you don’t want them to be vindicated.  The latter implies that one believes that the policies one opposes actually can and will succeed, and that one is so ideologically bound that one would sacrifice the well-being of millions of fellow citizens to prevent that success.  

No matter how it gets spun, it is clearly the latter emotion that animates the Republican political and media class, including Mr. Limbaugh, since the success of Obama’s agenda puts the final finish to a belief system that these people have been pushing for the last hundred or so years.