A couple quick updates before the events:

Today is primary day for city residents!  Don’t forget to vote!

Also, if you haven’t yet heard of the Employee Free Choice Act, please check out this local story about why its important:  http://blog.showmeprogress.com… .  BTW, last Friday, the workers voted to form a union!

This week’s events:

Tuesday, March 3, today is the primary for the mayor and for half of the aldermanic wards.  Mary Homan, who posted on the Activist Hub discussion board, has an event page up for today: http://www.facebook.com/event…. .  I haven’t seen any event pages for the other people who posted, but you can find out more about how to get involved at http://www.facebook.com/topic…. .

Also Tuesday, the Black Reperatory Theater is hosting the Vagina Monologues.  Shows are this Tuesday and next at the Grandel Theatre, 3610 Grandel Square, starting at 7 PM.  RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/event…. .

Also Tuesday, the GLBT Alliance at SIUE is holding a GLBT Ally Training from 7:30 to 9:30 at Peck Hall room 2413.  RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/event…. .

Wednesday, March 4, from 6:30 to 8:30, the Diversity Awareness Project, the St. Loius Public Libraries, and the Kathyrn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies are putting on a “Native Voices Forum” that will dispel harmful myths and misinformation that has  circulated for decades about the Native American Community.  The event is at the Schlafly Branch Library a 225 N. Euclid, and you can RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/event….  Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Also, Wednesday is the March installment of Black and Green Wednesday.  This month’s focus is “Transportation for All of St. Louis.”  The event is at Legacy Books and Cafe (5429 Delmar) starting at 7 PM, and you can find out more at http://www.insteadofwar.org/si… .

Thursday, March 5, UCLA professor of English Saree Makdisi will be speaking at “After Gaza: Toward a Resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” at Lee Lecture Hall on the SLU campus.  The event is from 7 to 9 PM, and you can find out more at http://www.facebook.com/event…. .

Also Thursday, the 2nd (I think) installment of City Affairs will be focusing on the impact of impending school closings and cuts to Metro service.  The event is from 7:30 to 10:30 PM at 3359 S. Jefferson (the future location of Foam), and you can RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/event…. .  It looks like a great group of people who are very knowledgeable about the city.

Friday, March 6,  This isn’t technically an activist event, but as far as I’m concerned Udi and His Fellow Villagers have earned a permanent place in St. Louis activism history with their RATM-invoking performance at the protest outside of Alberto Gonzales’ propaganda-fest at WashU last year.  Show your support for this funky local band as they perform at Llywelyn’s in the CWE (4747 McPherson), starting at 10 PM.  Get more details at http://www.facebook.com/event…. .

Saturday, March 7.  Civitas Associates will be having a local and global citizenship-promoting discussion at Crossroads College Preparatory School (500 DeBalviere) from 9 AM to 11 AM.  Find out more at http://www.facebook.com/event….

Also Saturday, starting at 6:30 PM, check out “Art for Animals,” a Gala benefiting the Dr. Doolittle Fund, which provides veterinary care for homeless animals.  The Gala is at the Old Warson Country Club, at 9841 Old Warson.  Get more details at http://www.saucemagazine.com/e… .

Also Saturday, City Academy is hosting an Art Dash to raise money for scholarships!  The event is at Preservation Hall in Soulard, 1921 S. 9th Strett, starting at 7 PM.  Find our more at http://www.facebook.com/event…. .  Tickets are $200 per couple, but its for a good cause.

Also Saturday, the Peace Economy Project welcomes Charlie King and Karen Brandow for a a fundraiser concert!  The concert is at Tegler Hall at SLU, 3550 Lindell, starting at 7 PM.  RSVP and find out more at http://www.facebook.com/event….

Sunday, March 8.  Community Against Poverty (CAP) is hosting at volunteer fair at the Jewish Federation (12 Millstone Campus Drive).  The event is from 3:30 to 5:30 and features keynote speaker Chris Krehmeyer, President of Beyond Housing.  RSVP at http://www.facebook.com/event…. .

All this week (and more): Show Me Solutions is asking Missourians to get involved in the fight against Climate Change.  Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/group…. .

Looking ahead a little bit, check out the Instead of War coalition’s event page for the trip to Columbia for the anniversary of the Iraq war later in March: http://www.facebook.com/event…. .  IOW also just created a group page which you can join here: http://www.facebook.com/group…. .

Have a fun and meaningful week!