In a letter to DFA that just about knocked me out of my seat this morning, Howard Dean announced he was returning to his desk at DFA…ready to lead and complete the task of taking back our Country.

That’s why I’m returning to DFA and I have to admit, it’ll be nice to work out of my old office in Burlington. I’ll also be hitting the road with you, stumping for grassroots candidates and advocating for the issues that matter most to you and me. For one, I think you know that healthcare for all is an important issue to me. I look forward to working with you to pass meaningful reform that makes sure that every American has the care they need.

This puts some imputus into our revival of the Democracy for Missouri website which has been ailing and down for almost three weeks. (It should be up on a new server soon.) DFA in Columbia has already been planning to host a DFA training Academy in Columbia this September. Hopefully we can host Gov Dean as a keynote speaker.

The announcement of Howard Dean’s return to DFA including his complete letter is also on KOS.