Do any cities in Missouri use CityStat?

The award-winning program is less about technology and more about creating the management approach to directly link timely data to decision makers, and hold administrators responsible for performance. It’s remarkable how little technology it actually involves. According to a Center for American Process briefing “CitiStat uses basic Microsoft Office programs-such as PowerPoint for presentations and Excel to gather data-as well as geographic information system, or GIS, mapping software from ESRI’s ArcView unit, which costs less than $1,000.” The program cost $285,000 to set up and around $400,000 a year to run (mostly salaries), but has estimated to save the city over $350 million since its creation in 1999.

I instantly thought of HBO’s The Wire upon reading this (“juking the stats” comes to mind), but from what I understand, this program is for internal use, not for public reports of crime stats.