Since the House Journal entry for 2/24 wasn’t working last night (and is working now).. we can see a roll call on Margo McNeil’s amendment to the Four-Day School Week bill.

Representative McNeil offered House Amendment No. 3.

House Amendment No. 3: AMEND House Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 242, Page 3, Section 171.029, Line 1, by inserting immediately after the word “state” the following:

“that has qualified for the “distinction in performance” award in the previous school year”; and

Further amend said bill by amending the title, enacting clause, and intersectional references accordingly.

In the debate between allowing opting-in for distinguished districts, and just letting anybody do it (provided they don’t fall off after the switch, then they would be forced back to five-day weeks, as per an amendment to the bill in committee)

So, who crossed the aisle on this amendment?  

Republicans voting aye: Jason Brown (R-Platte City), Gary Dusenberg (R-Blue Springs), Will Kraus (R-Raytown), Marilyn Ruestman (R-Joplin), Dennis Wood (R-Kimberling City), and Brian Yates (R-Lee’s Summit).

Basically there’s a crossover of Suburban Republicans on this matter. Now, that wasn’t enough to pass this amendment. But there is a crossover. Plus, it serves as a sign of which suburban Reps (or Reps who have to cozy up to education to get re-elected) didn’t vote against their leadership.

As for the perfection.. the only Republicans voting no were Wayne Cooper (R-Camdenton), Dusenberg, Doug Ervin (R-Kearney), Tim Flook (R-Liberty), Will Kraus, Joe Smith (R-St. Charles), Bryan Pratt (R-Blue Springs), and Brian Yates. So there were some interesting flips from no on the amendment to no on the perfection.