It appears that Rick Santelli’s nasty little exercise in misdirected begrudgery is inspiring like minded folks here in St. Louis.  Some St. Louisians, who are worried that the undeserving may get to fritter away their hard-earned tax dollars, are organizing a tea party (as in Boston Tea Party) at the arch on Friday.  They expect all of a hundred people to turn out.

The organizer, “popular blogger” Dana Loesch, seems unable to get her mind around the fact that what is funded by the stimulus is not the main goal of the funding — which is to create jobs. And if something useful is built, of course that is even better.  Among her targets:

Things such as $250,000 to put blue shutters on historic buildings, $650,000 for a camping site and $5 million for a dog park.

Not bad projects in themselves, but, I can see why Loesch chooses to emphasize these specific expenditues.  Apart from their intrinsic virtues, however, they are the type of project that can be ready to go right away, which is the main criteria for the first wave of stimulus spending as I understand it.  

Somebody explain to Loesch, please, that real people, probably drawn from the currently large number of area unemployed, have to do the work to put up those blue shutters, and build the camping site and dog park.  And these people get paid.  Then they go out and spend the money. Spending cranks up demand and creates jobs.  Heck, the factory orders for the shutters and other building materials mean jobs. We all benefit.  Or, at least that’s the theory — and, all things considered, it seems to be the only viable theory in town right now.

It will indeed be interesting to see how many people in St. Louis and environs get caught up in the Boston Tea Party furor and turn out to demand that we cut off our noses to spite our faces.

UPDATE.  Okay, maybe the inspiration for this little gathering is not exactly a spontaneous epiphany on the part of Ms. Loesch; take a look at this diary for more information.