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The Johnson County Democratic Club meeting on Thursday evening in the banquet room at a downtown Warrensburg eating establishment.

Over years of Democratic Party activism I’ve always noted a drop off in participation in party organizations after general election cycles – in particular after a presidential election. In the past if one were to bring this phenomenon up in discussion among long time party activists you would get nods of knowing agreement.

This post participation drop off doesn’t appear to be the case now. I’ve observed that people who pitched in as first time volunteers in the Obama and Nixon field operations in our area have continued to be involved in our local Democratic Party institutions. The attendance at meetings is up when compared to the same point after previous election cycles.

The agendas of these meetings contain the usual business elements, like finances, bills, minutes, informational programming, committee reports, but the very important ground work for the next election cycle is also starting up. It’s been a little over three months since the election.

Candidate recruitment (and education, if someone decides they’re going to run) has begun with all due care and speed. Activists and volunteers gained valuable expertise and experience in the last election and they’re eager to test their new found chops for Democratic Party candidates in the coming election cycle.

Our local meetings are now a mix of those with experience (and some longevity as well as institutional memory), newcomers, elected officials, past and potential candidates, political operatives, and the occasional cartoonist