Candidacy confirmed: Sam Page will be running for the State Senate in the 24th district. The article mentions Jake Zimmermann and Barbara Fraser as speculative opponents for Page in a primary.

A possible 24th district candidate with a campaign committee for the seat, who didn’t get mentioned in that article: Michael Corcoran. No respect. No regard. Friends of Michael G. Corcoran amended it’s SoCO (Statement of Committee Organization) and everything too.

Lots of 6th District Republican candidates?: Danie Moore (R-Fulton) has a committee, so does Bill Deeken (R-Jefferson City), Mark Bruns (R-Jefferson City), and Harry Otto (R-Jefferson City). Moore was in the House from 2001 to 2009, leaving via term limits (and losing a Congressional campaign in 2008). Bruns and Deeken are termed out of the House. Otto is the Chairman of the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce. 42% of SD6 residents live in Cole County, 24% live in Callaway County. The rest live in the three counties to the South/Southwest of Cole County.

Possible 30th district Democratic candidate: Sara Lampe (D-Springfield) could be a candidate for the opened seat centered around Springfield. I’ll note that the source I read this on also claimed Lampe as “ultra-liberal” and derided her as having “just enough crazy” in her to press for the end of the War on Margarine. So don’t roast me if the rumor is unfounded. If Rep. Lampe decides to run, she might face Rep. Bob Dixon. Lampe is not termed out (she is termed out in 2012). Dixon is termed out. BJ Marsh’s campaign committee is organized for this race as well, although one has to wonder if someone who just endorsed Jay Nixon can handle a Republican primary.

Republican Duel in the 28th?: Skimming the list of committees produces a list of three Republican state reps in the 28th Senate District. 28th District Senator Delbert Scott is termed out. The Republicans with committees are Ed Emery (R-Lamar), Tom Self (R-Cole Camp), and Larry Wilson (R-Flemington). In regards to the 28th, Emery represents Barton and parts of Polk County (18642 people). Wilson’s district (34253 people) is entirely in the 28th. Part of Tom Self’s district is in the 28th (23741 people). So going by pure population, Wilson looks like he has a good shot. Cedar and Henry counties, along with parts of Pettis and Polk Counties are not represented by prospective candidates. The entirety of the 28th is represented by Republicans in the General Assembly.