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The irony. Senator Claire McCaskill’s most recent Twitter posts:

Just discovered today that one of my favorite DC spots, Busboys and Poets, has opened in my neighborhood.3 blocks away.Great food Reasonable

about 16 hours ago from web

Let me connect the dots. Since the grand Senate “compromise” with republicans has removed aid to states (which can’t run budget deficits) there will be severe cuts in higher education. We will then be definitely assured that highly qualified poets who have been laid off from creative writing programs in higher education will contribute to a highly competitive environment in the poet/busboy market, thereby enhancing the dining experience for those who can afford it. What’s not to like?

From Steve Benen at Washington Monthly:

…Ensign seemed encouraged by the fact that state budgets, including his own, would have to be slashed, calling the budgets “bloated.” He said, “What we should be doing is cutting back.”

Got that? As the recession worsens, and government spending is needed to prevent more Americans from losing their jobs, a leading Republican senator whose own state is about to get pummeled, believes it’s a good idea to “cut back….”

…Sen. John Ensign is entirely comfortable with all of these developments — those dreaded state budgets are “bloated,” after all — but doesn’t want anyone to acknowledge this publicly. Pointing to reality is “fearmongering.”

It’s not enough for congressional Republicans to stand in the way of sound economic policy during a crisis; they also want to discourage everyone from talking about it.

So, Senator McCaskill, are you as comfortable as Senator Ensign?

It gets better:

Higher education in Missouri is one of those “discretionary” parts of the budget. That means when the economy goes down, higher education is among the first to take the hit when the state cuts back. Tuition goes up because that’s the only other revenue stream available to public colleges. Students who have fewer resources drop out.

Two KC radio interviews within the hour.KMBZ and KCMO.Meetings with Mo college students, veterans, and hospital officials today. about 1 hour ago from web

I wonder what those Missouri college students are gonna say?

Running late, laundry and phone calls to both of my kids in college put me behind.Both struggling with their $. Budgets, not easy for anyone 41 minutes ago from web

Head smack. If your kids are struggling with their budgets in this economy what do you think is happening to the vast majority of families with kids in college? Yep, that state aid in the stimulus package continues to look “silly”.