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Just saying that you’re not concerned about Robin Carnahan isn’t really enough to convince anyone. Rev. Mik Chester, president of the Northwest Missouri Republican Club and himself a candidate for state representative, claims that Republicans aren’t really worried about Robin Carnahan’s strong candidacy for Bond’s US Senate seat. “We’re not surprised that Robin Carnahan has thrown her hat in, and neither are we concerned,” he said.

No word on whether Rev. Chester is unconcerned about opponents in his own race. I will say that his website looks like a bumper sticker with a donate button and an e-mail address attached. “I want to know what’s important to you. Email me at mikchester@me.com,” the bumper sticker says. (Be polite if you do e-mail him.)

Chester also says of the Republican Senate primary, “I very much expect them to get going early,” he said. “It’s an arduous task even if you’ve got good name recognition, and there is a lot of ground to cover.”

I hope so! This is going to be a fun primary for us Democrats to watch.