Future Senate candidate Roy Blunt doesn’t want to hurry the stimulus.

Ozark’s First asked Representative Roy Blunt about the package this weekend.

Blunt says there is no reason to rush this bill, because only seven percent of the roughly 800 million [BILLION – rbh] dollar stimulus would be used this year.

The remaining 93 percent would then be spread out over time.

I’m pretty sure “don’t rush on this problem” was the plan used that led to this huge problem occurring in the first place. Then again, the architects of the Bush economy are pretty close to Roy Blunt, so the similarity is not a shocker. Also, if the plan had enough tax cuts for Republicans, then i’m pretty sure a lot of it wouldn’t help people out in 2009 either (7% of 800 billion is 56 billion, for the sake of reference).

Then again, if the stimulus succeeds, Roy Blunt won’t be a Senator in 2011. And we can guess why the concerned members of the Republican leadership aren’t pushing to put more of the stimulus into effect this year either. If the stimulus succeeds, they’re not going to gain ground in 2010. Might not be totally tactful to say it, but it’s a fact.