How in the world did it take me four days to notice this?

If you’re thinking about littering in the district of Missouri Sen. Kevin Engler, a Farmington Republican, think again. He sponsored a bill, S.B. 273, that would penalize littering with the death penalty.

“I think that if we kill just a couple of people we catch, the rest will catch on,” he said.

Engler also reportedly called the people perpetrating the littering “white trash” and “rednecks.”

Soon after, he clarified he was joking about the bill. “I’m doing this tongue in cheek, obviously,” he said, and withdrew the bill.

But how will litterers be deterred now?

Extra questions: How many copies of this bill were printed before this idea was discarded? And if one takes a copy of S.B. 273, crumbles it up, and drops it on the floor.. will that person be punished swiftly? If the death sentence is not available, can litterers get sent off to Guantanamo Bay and held without charges instead?

Sen. Engler did made a unique push towards togetherness for people of all colors

[Engler] added that [white trash] is not a racial epithet, and that people of all races can be “white trash.”

Congratulations to Senator Kevin Engler on his future inclusion in a Leland Gregory book.