…never buy a used car from a guy named “Slim”, and never get legal or political advice from a George W. Bush administration Attorney General:

Ex-AG Gonzales: ‘I Should Have Been More Engaged’

…”Lawyers often disagree about important legal issues,” he said.

He provided a word of caution to Obama’s attorney general nominee, Eric Holder, who last week testified that he believes that the interrogation practice of waterboarding – controlled drowning – is torture.

“One needs to be careful in making a blanket pronouncement like that,” Gonzales said, suggesting that it might affect the “morale and dedication” of intelligence officials and lawyers who are attempting to make cases against terrorism suspects.

He said people he knows at the CIA have told him that agents there “no longer have any interest in doing anything controversial.” And that, Gonzales asserted, means they “won’t be doing what they need to be doing” to protect the country…


A Small Clique Of Legal Extremists…