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David Pearce (r – advocate of automotive deer hunting), representing the 31st Senate District, is the sponsor of Missouri Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 (SCR 7) in this session of the General Assembly. The resolution:


Urges Congress to secure greater energy independence for the U.S. by allowing new off-shore drilling

LR Number:   0587S.01I

Last Action:   1/15/2009 – Resolutions Calendar–SCR 7-Pearce

Current Bill Summary

SCR 7 – This concurrent resolution urges Congress to secure greater energy independence for the United States by allowing new off-shore drilling in areas where there is a high likelihood of resource recovery.

I wasn’t aware that Missouri had an “offshore”. Why would David Pearce spend his time on this when there are numerous pressing concerns facing the state? You know, like the budget crises?

Okay, old polling:

Rasmussen Reports

Date: 6/6/08


…Sixty-seven percent (67%) say offshore drilling for oil should be allowed, only 24% disagree. Most Missouri voters (55%) say that move is likely to lower the price of gas and oil….

What’s the attitude of people that actually have, you know, an “offshore”?:

NEWSWEEK: In a statewide field poll taken less than a month ago [the article is from August 1, 2008], 51 percent of Californians opposed offshore drilling, while 43 percent approved. Your survey numbers are virtually reversed and come just a few weeks later. To what do you attribute this dramatic shift?

Mark Baldassare: The difference is in large part due to the state’s Republicans, who’ve become more favorably disposed to offshore drilling. We saw a 17 point increase in support among Republicans over our survey last year, and a 6 point increase among Democrats…

…[NEWSWEEK:] California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, has consistently opposed offshore drilling. Is it conceivable that he’ll look at the numbers in this survey, particularly in his party, and rethink his position?

[Mark Baldassare:] I’d be surprised if a poll that finds voters still sharply divided on an issue would cause the governor to change his position. Schwarzenegger is looking for support of all Californians, and this is a topic over which Californians are still clearly divided. It’s a very slim majority, which suggests it is a very polarizing issue. Right now the governor is looking to take care of the budget situation, improve the economy and put out the fires in his state

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Sounds like good advice.