St. Joseph legislative forum set for Friday night State Rep. Dr. Rob Schaaf  (R, St. Joe) is holding a legislative forum Friday evening.  The meeting will be held from 6:00 to 8:30 in the private dining room of the Blum Student Union, room 114, on the Missouri Western State University campus.  

Improvments on tap for NW Missouri Airports  Plans for safety improvements that are needed at municipal airports in rural northwest are moving forward, even though the funds have not been allotted yet because the federal grant program that the funds would come from expired last year and hasn’t been renewed.  None the less, Jason Knipp, Missouri Department of Transportation aviation operations manager is encouraging that proposals be drawn up and ready to go when the grant program is reapproved.  Speaking as a native of that part of the state who has been up in puddle jumpers that used some of the airports on the improvements list, I say improve the airports, please!  (And yes, the odds are good that the area will get the funds.  One of the airports on the improvement list is Tarkio, the airport Sam Graves flies his small planes out of.)

Midwest Research Institute secures development contract for robotic chemical defense application  The U.S. Army has awarded a $26.3 million dollar contract to MRI to develop the first-of-its-kind integrated Individual Protection Ensemble (IPE) Mannequin System that will be able to perform high fidelity tests on individual protective equipment under live chemical exposure conditions.  The IPE Mannequin system features a free-standing, self-balancing robot that simulates human physiology for realistic tests of protective equipment in a controlled environment that includes an exposure chamber and control room.  

Jeff Harris will be Nixon’s policy director  Rep. Jeff Harris of Columbia has been tapped by Jay Nixon to be his policy director.  I hope he uses the position to redeem himself after his sleazy campaign for the Democratic AG nomination.  I originally leaned his way and ended up so offended I took links to his campaign website off my blog and voted for one of the other candidates.  

Now this is a Dumbass  I can’t resist a good stupid criminals guffaw.  And when the criminal is criminally stupid, like in this instance, that’s just gravy. A 61-year old St. Louis woman is in jail after being caught with marijuana in her shoe while she was going through the screening process to enter the South Central Correctional Center to visit an inmate and removed her shoes at the metal detector.  She is being held in the Texas County Jail awaiting formal charges.