It appears that a few folks in the old media business make campaign contributions:

More journalists favored Nixon over Hulshof, contribution data shows

But Hulshof raised more money overall from wealthier media contributors

Conservatives often accuse the news media of favoring Democratic politicians and liberal views.

In the case of campaign contributions in Missouri’s 2008 gubernatorial race, support for the Democrat from journalists across the Show-Me state went to Nixon.

Campaign finance data analyzed by the News-Leader shows more individuals who worked for news organizations favored Democrat Jay Nixon over Republican Kenny Hulshof in the 2008 governor’s race, but Hulshof brought in more dollars…

There is this tidbit:

…Like most newspapers, full-time writers are barred from making campaign contributions, having political signs in their lawns or a candidate’s bumper sticker on their car, Stark said.

But the policy doesn’t apply to freelancers, which also was the case at the St. Louis and Columbia papers…

File that under: “It’s not the ‘real’ professionals.”

Here at Show Me Progress we proudly make campaign contributions to the candidates of our choice. We even volunteer for them, put up their yard signs, put up 4 x 8 signs, put their bumper stickers on our cars (and create our own), go door to door, man the phone banks, and vote. How’s that for transparency? We don’t wrap ourselves in the false robes of “impartiality”, because critical thinking shows us that not all opposing ideas are equal. Many are just plain stoopid.

On the other hand, if you don’t make a financial contribution you can always make an “in-kind” one that doesn’t go on the campaign finance reports.