Tom Daschel and the Obama Transition team are encouraging folks to sign up and do house Parties in the next three weeks focused on Health Care. These house parties are interesting, fun, and may just help shape the discussion on health care and ultimate plans by the Obama administration.

My wife and I just hosted a very successful Change is Coming party organized by the Obama campaign. (The DVD they sent is a great resource.) You do not need a big public space. Your home or apartment is fine.

Meet your neighbors, have fun, and give feedback on health care to the transition team!

Check it out:

You say you want single payor, universal, Norwegian style health care…here is your opportunity. I believe President Obama to be the genuine article when it comes to being open to grassroots input and at least attempting to create change from the ground up. Folks may be upset by appointments he has made, but the mechanism for change is built into his administration. We have but to utilize it.