Memo to Rachel Maddow,

 I’m glad you are not letting Barack off the hook on this Rick Warren thing.  And it’s not just because Warren is reactionary and medieval in his thinking about homosexuality.  Choosing him for such an honor is a slap in the face to the millions of sincerely religious people who labor in the vineyards every day and don’t ask for notoriety.

 Rick Warren is a pop star and snake oil salesman compared to the devout Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus working for peace and justice here and around the world.  

  Choosing Warren is also so incredibly transparent as a political ploy, it’s unseemly.  It’s not about being “inclusive.”  It’s about pandering to voters, most of whom think being “inclusive” is allowing atheists time off for good behavior.  And to claim to be on the side of science and factual knowledge??  The APA condems the kind of nonsense practiced by Warren’s church where they try to pray gay people into becoming non-gay, or at least not expressing their love in gay ways.

  So it’s not just about Prop 8 and how Barack is honoring people who denigrate a class of our fellow Americans.  It’s more than that.   Can you imagine him inviting someone who preaches that people with disabilities deserve their fate because God is punishing their family?????  There was a time when people believed THAT too !   And that it was okay for men to beat their wives.  And that Jews were a sign of Satan.  Imagine what an uproar there would be if someone like that was invited to the most important event in Barack’s life?

   I am SO fond of Obama and really admire his attempt to bring all kinds of people into his administration. I know he’s not perfect and will make decisions I won’t like.  BUT THIS????

 What a waste of a part of my respect for him.