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I came across this little item from the Kansas City Star’s Prime Buzz “BlogWatch”:

And then noted the original post (If you want to go see the original, go the Kansas City Star site above. I’m not going to directly link to that republican crap):

It’s the Democratic Party. The Kansas City Star understands that. Heh.

All us anonymous (and not so anonymous) Democratic bloggers need to grow up. How amusing. Until the republicans overcome their severe irony impairment (among a host of other weaknesses) they will continue to be a regional political party. Heh.

Oh. You may have noticed the editorial convention of the smalll “r”. I’ve been using that since I wrote for the Dean for America Forum starting in 2003. When a republican troll complained at the time I answered, “They’ll get their capital “R” from me when they earn it.”

As for anonymity, republicans seem to think that in their fantasy rose colored world only those who can afford to not worry about losing their livelihood because they expressed a political opinion or those who can afford the extra security needed when psychotic right wingnut stalkers are afoot should be allowed freedom of speech.

Welcome to America.