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There are so many levels of irony in today’s news about the 121st Legislative District recount. Denny Hoskins (r – “Noun, verb, CPA”) is publicly whining about the messy inconvenience to his legitimacy in this recount business:

Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal

12/15/2008 11:23:00 AM

Hoskins against recount

…Hoskins said in a prepared statement the recount will cost thousands of dollars.

“It is unfortunate in these challenging economic times that the recount will cost the county’s taxpayers between $5,000-$15,000,” he said in the statement.

Jackson on Sunday said he does not expect the recount to cost anywhere near that amount, based on a conversation with the Secretary of State’s Office.

“The only cost is for the election judges to be paid at the same rate as (they) would be paid in an election,” Jackson said. “That is the only cost to the county.”

County Clerk Gilbert Powers said Monday the county will employ four judges and four watchers at a cost of $10 per hour each. Based on eight-hour days, the total would come to $1,280 for two days

[emphasis added]

Heh. Who’s counting?

So much for being the only CPA in the legislature, eh? Lord help the Missouri General Assembly and the people of Missouri.

Let’s take look at the cost of the Minnesota U.S. Senate race recount via Minnesota Public Radio (also going on at this time):

…the cost of a recount is about 3 cents per ballot. Since there are nearly 3 million ballots to count, the total will be about $90,000. It will be paid by taxpayers…

Even accounting for an economy of scale in Minnesota the claim that it could take $15,000.00 to count a little over 13,000 ballots (at over a dollar a vote) in Johnson County, Missouri is way off the mark and doesn’t quite fit with what the republican Johnson County Clerk says either. But, given the massive amount of money the Missouri Republican State Committee and other right wingnut enablers “independently” spent to get Hoskins ahead in the Election Day vote count he probably does have a unique view of the value of a dollar. Maybe he should ask for his CPA school money back. And maybe he should actually read RSMo 115.610 before he whines in public about a recount. I expect Hoskins’ (r – “Noun, verb, CPA”) next press release will claim he has a mandate. In his world that would probably add up.