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An Obama campaign door hanger. The reverse has information on voting in Missouri (poll open times – 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.), and the voter’s polling location and precinct. The information includes the following: “All voters can ask to vote on a paper ballot; you do not have to wait for a machine or booth.”

A canvasser returned a short while back and related this story:

He knocked on the door of an apartment. A retired African American woman answered the door. The volunteer related that he was canvassing for Democratic candidates. The woman told him that she was seventy four years old. She first tried to register to vote at the county courthouse over fifty years ago and was turned away because of her race. She just registered to vote four months ago. This will be the first presidential election she has ever voted in.

Change is coming.


I received the following via e-mail from the canvasser:

…I was knocking on doors in Warrensburg, MO to encourage first time voters to go to the polls, and give them the information they needed to have their vote count.  I was searching for a house I could not find, and asked a women cleaning out her car to direct me.  She pointed the way, and because her car had an Obama sticker on it, I asked her if she knew where she was voting.  She did not, and I got out of my car to tell her.

She told me that her name was XXXXX and she was 74.  She is African-American and a retired worker from the university.  She told me that this was the first election she was going to vote in.  The first time she tried to vote, over fifty years ago, she was told at the courthouse not ten blocks away from where we were standing, that blacks were not allowed to vote in this country.  After seventy-four years without voting, she is so dismayed by our country’s direction over the last eight years and so inspired by Barack’s vision for the future, that she was going to cast her first vote.

This woman’s hope is the reason we spend so many hours working to elect Barack and change America…