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The 121st Legislative District cuts a horizontal swath through the central part of Johnson County and includes the cities of Holden, Knob Noster, and Warrensburg.

Do you remember this?:

Official Election Returns

State of Missouri General Election  – November 2006 – General Election

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Constitutional Amendment No. 2 – 2006 Precincts Reporting 21 of 21

Stem Cell Initiative

Yes 8,544 55.7%

No 6,796 44.3%

Total Votes   15,340

Uh, support for stem cell research in Johnson County during the 2006 election was substantial.

And this republican’s view?:

“I wouldn’t spit on Missouri Right to Life if they were on fire,” the usually affable Griesheimer said. “They are a bunch of liars who don’t care about anything but themselves.”

Denny Hoskins (r – “noun, verb, CPA”) had an attack piece sent on his behalf by the Missouri republican party touting his endorsement by Missouri Right to Life:

Ooh, a warm fuzzy picture!

Missouri Right to Life is no fan of stem cell research. Do you think that Denny Hoskins (r – “noun, verb, CPA”), with that endorsement, agrees with their fringe stance? Uhhh.

So, the Missouri GOP says this about Jim Jackson (D):

Note the “scary” Halloween type for Jim Jackson’s name.

You’d think they’d have reconsidered this attack piece given the 2006 ballot initiative results in Johnson County.

Nah. They’re just plain mean, nasty, and desperate.

Uh oh, no pleasant pastel colors?

Isn’t that the “sun” baby? I didn’t know the Teletubbies did political endorsements, especially since, you know, the right wingnuts have been more than a little snippy about certain things. Like that marriage stuff. And children’s television show fictional characters carrying a purse.

Who paid for this crap? Ah, the usual suspects:

some Missouri lawmakers who consider themselves against abortion rights – particularly Republicans – have increasingly become frustrated with the criteria Missouri Right to Life uses to rate lawmakers and make endorsements. As a result, the group’s Capitol influence has waned…

They all must have made nice with each other. Or, Denny Hoskins (r – “noun, verb, CPA”) is on the fringe. It’s gotta be one or the other. Or both? What’s your guess?