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After you try to affix the terrorist sympathizer label (Joe Missouri: “That ain’t right. That’s just plain mean.”) it’s a lot easier to try and persuade people there are lesser evils afoot.

And who’s putting their name on it? Meet your Missouri GOP!:

We received this republican crap in yesterday’s mail:

You’ve just got to love the “thoughtful in a pensive sort of way Barack” photo at the top (read: Missouri GOP screams, “He’ll let all those horrible criminal out of jail to ravage your stock portfolio! Oh wait, our economic policies have already done that. Never mind.”). And add to that the “disdainful Barack” photo at the bottom (read: Missouri GOP screams: “He doesn’t care what you think! We don’t really care what you think, but that’s different. We don’t want you to pay attention to the crappy job of governing we’ve been doing for years while we enrich the top 1% at your expense.”).

From the Obama campaign (They have a very informative site: “Under the Radar”):

…Throughout his career in public service, Barack advocated tougher measures to fight crime and consistently voted to provide more resources to local law enforcement officials:

   * Barack co-sponsored legislation that became the first major anti-meth federal law.

   * He supported the COPS programs that provided much-needed resources to local police officers.

   * He cosponsored a bill creating a national database on sex offenders: http://www.nsopr.gov/

   * And he voted to reauthorize the landmark Violence Against Women Act.

For their tough records on crime, Barack Obama and Joe Biden earned the endorsement of the National Association of Police Organizations, a group that represents over 2,000 police organizations across the United States.

So, this is the usual republican hyperventilating. That’s easier to pull off after you’ve accused someone of being a terrorist sympathizer.

It’s those two photos again! Must desperately try to reinforce the memes, must desperately try to reinforce the memes, must desperately try and reinforce the memes…

And on the same day, we received this little piece of concern trolling:

The Obama campaign on:

the economy

Social Security



republican hyperventilating on the “B” side of the mailer:

No wonder they’re losing, their candidate and policies suck, as does their record. Have you noticed that they haven’t been advocating for anything they have done or will do? It’s seriously time for a change.