Like Kenny being chaperoned to the August prom by Roy Blunt wasn’t enough of a sign of where he stood

Hulshof, the Republican candidate for governor, unveiled his plan Tuesday to remake the nonpartisan plan to overcome what he called the system’s domination by plaintiff’s lawyers trying to stack the bench with lawyers sympathetic to damage claims.

Hulshof’s plan would expand the number of nominees from three to five, remove lawyers from any role in the selection process and give more influence to the governor by allowing him to reject all the nominees and make his own selection.

He said the changes would make Missouri’s legal environment more hospitable to business, which would encourage more companies to open operations here. The changes are needed to alleviate disorder in the courts caused by the plaintiff’s lawyers’ undue influence, he said.

In other words, while you’re drinking some rocket-fuel water, you can have a more partisan and more pro-business court system. What a present from Uncle Kenny!

The Blunt Hulshof plan is here.

A brief summary of the plan

1a) “Please someone in the lawsuit be in Missouri” (looks like he intends for plantiffs to be required as MO citizens, but he leaves the door wide open)

1b) “Not currently physically injured, tough buster!” (tough luck to anybody with trauma or who was injured)

1c) “Not an insured driver, no punitive damages for you!”

2a) “Let’s just get rid of the attorneys we don’t like and randomly pick retired judges”

2b) “Kenny Hulshof will replace the Chief Justice with one randomly-selected retired Supreme Court Judge” [real quote this time] (It’ll be like a lottery!)

2c) “More choices from the AJC for me to reject!”

2d) This one has two good real quotes

“To ensure that the voters of Missouri have a voice in the process, Kenny will provide the governor with two vetoes.” – (since when was a Gubernatorial veto about the voice of Missouri voters. Don’t we have a rarely-used vote if we dislike these judges so badly?)

“To guard against nepotism and cronyism in the rare circumstance of two gubernatorial vetoes, Kenny will ban governors from appointing any family member, current or former staffer, or campaign contributor to the Supreme Court.”

First off, Here’s what the Missouri state constitution says about Nepotism

Any public officer or employee in this state who by virtue of his office or employment names or appoints to public office or employment any relative within the fourth degree, by consanguinity or affinity, shall thereby forfeit his office or employment.

If Kenny went bonkers, and appointed his relative within the 4th degree Herman Hulshof to the Court.. then Kenny would lose his job as Governor under Article 7, Section 6.

Also, no campaign contributors? Yeah, and I have a great deal involving money stuck in Nigeria.

And the Hulshof plan ends with an attack you could expect on Jay Nixon. Whooptie doo.

On the subject of ad-watches. It’s clever for the backbencher Kenny bring up the one bill he passed out of the house as his answer to the taxes ad that Nixon dropped on him. But, I think we’ll see some more interesting things in the TV air-war.