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Whoops! This could potentially cost Luetkemeyer hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Columbia, MO – Blaine Luetkemeyer broke federal laws instituted by the

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with a television

advertisement that distorted his opponent’s record. The violations

mean that for the rest of the campaign the Luetkemeyer camp should not

be eligible for discounted advertising rates given to candidates that

follow federal law.

“Blaine Luetkemeyer will say anything and break any law to get

elected. He is part of the old politics that just hurts Missouri

families by dividing us,” said Paul Tencher, spokesman for the Baker

campaign. “These violations are serious because they are laws created

specifically to let voters know Mr. Luetkemeyer is responsible for the

negative campaign tactics he has used to distort Judy’s record and

distract voters from the real issues. If he is so proud of his gutter

advertising he should follow the law and put his name on them.”

According to FCC law, a television advertisement sponsored by a

candidate and that makes direct reference to an opponent during the 45-

or 60-day windows must include, at the end of the broadcast,

simultaneously, and for at least four seconds:

•    A clearly identifiable photographic or similar image of the

candidate; and

•    A clearly readable printed statement identifying the candidate

and stating that the candidate has approved the broadcast and that the

candidate’s authorized committee has paid for it.

The Baker campaign will now take legal action to have television

stations that aired the broadcasts enforce the law and repeal the

Luetkemeyer campaign’s certification for the discounted advertising

rates. A copy of the letter sent to every television station in the

Ninth District is attached to this release.