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Rasmussen released a survey of 700 likely voters taken in Missouri on September 11th. The margin of error is 4%.

McCain – 51%

Obama – 46%

Other – 1%

Not sure – 2%

There are other interesting numbers:

1. How do you rate the way that George W. Bush is performing his role as President? Excellent, good, fair, or poor?

Excellent – 14%

Good – 19%

Fair – 17%

Poor – 49%

Not sure – 1%

Think about that for a moment. One third of the people you pass on the street think dubya is doing a good job. That’s a really frightening indictment of the state of critical thinking in our state. The good news is that almost have of the people in Missouri think he sucks. There’s hope.

10….How do you rate the U.S. health care system? Excellent,  good, fair, or poor?

Excellent – 7%

Good – 22%

Fair – 35%

Poor – 35%

Not sure – 1%

So, people aren’t too happy with the state of health care in this country, but…

13. If you had a choice between keeping your existing insurance or switching to an  insurance program administered by the government, which would you choose?

Keep existing insurance – 61%

Switch to government insurance – 17%

Not sure – 22%

…the anti-government rhetoric of the right has people a might skittish about trying something to make it better.