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I know that sometimes I tend to focus on races close to home, but this kind of crap has implications across the state. Mike Roberts is challenging HDCC co-chair Rachel Storch in the primary for House District 64. Fine – I have no particular problem with primaries, because incumbents shouldn’t feel like they have an automatic claim on the seat until term-limited.

I do, however, question the wisdom of a Democrat challenging one of the incumbents in charge of recruiting, coordinating, and fundraising for Democratic candidates all over Missouri. Further, I can’t even tell why he’s running against Rachel. Looking at his website, Roberts doesn’t have any specific beef with Rachel about ideology or process. He lists his qualifications, but they don’t outshine Rachel’s. And now he’s making stuff up in order to gain some sort of traction.

At a joint reception with Maria Chappelle-Nadal last month, Rachel was asked how she felt about getting a primary challenge. She answered (with just a hint of frustration) that she didn’t understand why someone who never contacted her about any concern he might have had for the district would suddenly jump in the race against her. Now she has to take time off from raising money for House candidates in competitive districts, because she can’t do that, run in a primary, AND serve her current duties as state representative and hope to do all three very well.

Perhaps someone could fill me in on why Mike Roberts is running, other than vanity?