Jake Zimmerman (D-HD 83)is still in the “we might do it” stage of planning a post legislative session fundraiser. A given dollar amount would get you in and give you one vote in the “goofiest Republican bill of the session” contest. Additional money would get you more votes.

Jake is thinking maybe five would be a good number of bills to put in the running. If this fundraiser happens, one of the hottest contenders for the award will have to be the bill filed by Jim Lembke (R-HD 85) banning human-animal hybrids from being developed in Missouri.

How stupid can one man be? Doesn’t Lembke realize that it would put Missouri on the world map to have–in the flesh!–a centaur, a satyr, or a minotaur? Sheesh.

But, hey, let’s just pray that Pervez Lembke continues idling away his hours coming up with this kind of nutcake idea instead of focusing on impeaching judges who rule the “wrong way” in child custody cases.

The picture is courtesy of Wikipedia, as part of its explanation of the term “tin foil hat”.