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Via a Clint Zweifel press release, Andria Simckes apparently supports the Missouri Civil Rights Initiative, which is actually a ballot initiative to ban affirmative action programs designed to improve opportunities for women and minorities. Historically, women have been the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action programs, and everyone in society benefits from greater access to education and employment in traditionally disadvantaged groups. So it’s baffling that Simckes, an African American woman running in the Democratic primary for state treasurer, would support something like the MCRI.

I’m not sure if Simckes truly supports the ballot initiative, if she misspoke, or if she got fooled by the deceptive title. I’m hoping that the most generous scenario is the correct one.

UPDATE: That’s what I thought. Dave Drebes has the following statement from Simckes:

I support the right to equal opportunity for all Americans.  I am living proof of that opportunity.  My acceptances in the NASA-Lewis MARS Internship Program and Brown University are just two examples of how the right to equal opportunity has benefited me personally.  Affirmative Action is one of the most effective tools in beginning to level the playing field for women and minorities.  I have always and will continue to support everyone’s right to equal opportunity.

That’s good, but it’s unfortunate that a quote from a leading Democratic candidate can lend credence to an initiative she opposes.