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We thought we knew who was running for the Senate seat Gibbons is vacating in his quest for Attorney General: Republican Eric Schmitt and Democrat Kevin Gunn. Gunn raised a ton of money, though the rumor I hear is that he loaned himself a substantial amount.

Anyway, all that money facing Schmitt made the GOP leadership nervous enough to try to lure Gunn out of the race, and Blunt’s offer of a seat on the Public Service Commission succeeded.

Next thing we know, Steve Eagleton, son of the former senator, filed for Gibbons’ seat, and now, so has Jim Trout. Political Fix got the story:

James Trout, the Webster Groves Democrat who touched off last year’s court battle to successfully reinstate donation limits, has a new target: the 15th District state Senate seat.

Trout filed Wednesday, creating a contest with  Steve Eagleton, the Kirkwood lawyer who filed last week.

Trout’s candidacy could be seen,  by some, as a Democratic insurance policy, in case Eagleton reconsiders. (Or, according to some blog posts, is deemed to not meet the state’s residency or voter-registration rules for candidates. Those close to Eagleton say the accusation is not true, and that he has met the requirements.)

I don’t know anything about Eagleton, but I know Trout is a progressive to the core. Besides challenging the 2006 law lifting campaign contribution limits, he’s very environmentally minded. He’s building a housing development in Eureka, due to break ground within the next week or so, that is as forward looking as they come. I wrote about it last fall.

He was planning the run even before Eagleton filed, and he’d make an excellent state senator. But of course, implicit in what Political Fix had to say (“Trout’s candidacy could be seen,  by some, as a Democratic insurance policy, in case Eagleton reconsiders) is the assumption that the Eagleton name is like the Carnahan moniker–too powerful to overcome.

Apparently Trout thinks it’s possible. Guess we’re gonna see.