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McCaskill to endorse Obama

By Deirdre Shesgreen



WASHINGTON – Sen. Claire McCaskill will endorse Barack Obama’s presidential bid Sunday, a boost that comes as the Democratic presidential showdown intensifies in Missouri and the raft of other states set to vote on Feb. 5th.

McCaskill had intended to stay neutral in the race, keeping mum on her preference because, she said, she has to work with both front-runners, Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, in the Senate.

But she abandoned her neutrality after an intense lobbying effort by Obama’s campaign…

Then, there’s this:


Clinton Campaign Announces Endorsement of Former Missouri Governor Warren Hearnes and First Lady Betty Hearnes

Former Missouri Governor Warren Hearnes, along with former First Lady Betty, today endorsed Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for President.

…Hearnes joins a list of high-level Hillary supporters in Missouri, including Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, former Governor Bob Holden, and former Secretary of State Bekki Cook

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