It just goes to show, even for so-called “family values” right wingers in Missouri, IOKIYAR. I read this item in Sunday’s Kansas City Star:

….The Mike Huckabee bandwagon appears to be racing through Missouri.

On Monday, Missouri backers of Huckabee are set to announce endorsements from 27 state lawmakers. Among them are a slew of Kansas City-area Republicans, including state Sen. Matt Bartle of Lee’s Summit and state Reps. Brian Baker of Belton, Will Kraus of Raytown, Brian Yates of Lee’s Summit and Bob Nance of Excelsior Springs….

[emphasis added]

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*it’s okay if you’re a republican

The paper’s resident political stenographer did mention that Jeff Roe, notorious republican poltical operative, is on board with Huckabee’s Missouri campaign, but neglected to mention the irony of the juxtaposition of those “family values” republican politicians with the former Arkansas governor’s previous history with Missouri.

The Missouri problem: As governor of Arkansas Huckabee intervened with the state board of pardons and paroles to release Wayne Dumond who had been convicted of raping a young woman who just happened to be a distant relative of Bill Clinton. The Dumond case had become a cause for right wingnuts. Dumond was released and moved to Missouri where he raped and murdered at least one woman. Dumond was convicted in Missouri and later died in prison.  

The Boston Globe, October 14, 2007

….after becoming governor in 1996, he announced his desire to commute Dumond’s sentence. Dumond’s rape victim, Ashley Stevens, saw it differently.

Stevens, now 40 and living in the western United States, said she tried to persuade Huckabee not to shorten the sentence for Dumond.

“I told [Huckabee]: If you ever let him out, he’s going to do it again,” she said in an interview.

She was able to get a meeting with the governor – who, she said, had not spoken to her before announcing his intention to commute Dumond’s sentence – but realized Huckabee had “made up his mind.” So Stevens stood up, she said, walked over to Huckabee, who was seated on a sofa, squatted down and thrust her face inches from his.

“I said, ‘This is how close I was to Dumond’s face for an hour,’ ” Stevens recalled. ” ‘I’ll never forget his face, and you’ll never forget mine.’ “

I wonder what Senator Matt Bartle, that Missouri paragon of “family values” would think about it.

…Bartle is most audacious with social issues, however. A few days before the Judiciary Committee voted on his cloning bill, a judge said it was legal for Missouri to limit strip clubs’ and sex shops’ ability to advertise on roadside billboards. Bartle wrote the bill that became the billboard law. And in the current legislative session, he has introduced new taxes on adult-oriented businesses that would likely force many to close….

Oh yeah, that’s right – he’s endorsing Mike Huckabee.