Family commitments are making it necessary for me to dial down the number of postings I do in a week, so Show Me Progress needs some new talent to fill the gap I’ll be leaving.  (By using the word “talent”, I don’t mean to imply I’m some paragon of wit and wisdom, but we will at least be looking for a modicum of writing skill and knowledge of state issues.)

Anyway, we’ll be seeking people who’d like front page status on this site.  Ideally, that would be someone from another part of the state than St. Louis, so that we’d get more balanced coverage of the state.  But that’s just the ideal.  We’ll be happy to consider progressive writers from St. Louis, too.

If you’d like to contribute regularly, let us know.  

Or help us find someone(s).  Do you know somebody with that modicum of skill and knowledge? Do you know someone who is particularly knowledgeable about a specific area of politics who’d like to contribute regularly, though not every week?

You can e-mail us with an offer to write or with a suggestion for someone to contact at:  info@showmeprogress.com.