A month ago, I wrote about the restorative justice program in Missouri:

It’s painful to face someone and apologize when you know you really screwed up–so much so that some people can’t, or won’t, do it.  But most of us know that only an apology will give us any peace, especially if it is accepted graciously.  Better to face the person you’ve hurt and fess up than have the memory of your wrongdoing keep stinging you.

A group in Missouri is working to improve our justice system by applying that bit of common sense. Restorative Justice arranges for criminal offenders to face their victims, apologize, and hear what the victims have to say about what happened.  The offender may also hear what restitution the victim wants from him.

A movie about three crime victims will be shown this Tuesday evening:

Beyond Conviction:This movie tells the story of three crime victims on a journey towards resolution and healing. This film follows participants in a pioneering program run by the state of Pennsylvania in which victims of the most violent crimes meet face to face with their perpetrators. The St. Louis Area Restorative Justice Collaboration and the Missouri Restorative Justice Coalition are sponsoring a showing of this award winning film “Beyond Conviction”

When: Tuesday,Nov. 13th.

Where: the Ethical Society of St. Louis

9001 Clayton Rd.


Time: Doors open at 6:30 PM. Movie starts at 7PM

Nina Balsam,head of the local restorative justice group, will present the film