Margaret Donnelly thinks like an attorney general.  Which is to say that she plans to file legislation that will help the next attorney general control the meth trade.  Her bill will call for an electronic log book system to track illegal purchases of pseudoephedrine. 

Cover your mouth when you yawn.  This may not sound sexy, but it would help cops track the meth trade in minutes rather than days.  According to Donnelly’s press release:

Law enforcement currently must travel to each pharmacy and copy the written logs before returning to their office to review the data for suspicious purchases.  But new technology enables pharmacies to post log books online for law enforcement to track in real time. What takes days can take just minutes when law enforcement can go online to track pseudoephedrine purchases and stop illegal meth production.

Good idea.

And another good idea would be to restore funding to  MoSMART, a state agency which offers grants to local law enforcement entities to help them combat illegal methamphetamine production and distribution.  Donnelly is calling on Governor Blunt and on House Budget Chair Allen Icet to support a supplemental spending bill next session to restore funding to MoSMART.

Donnelly is working to get the legislature to give her–or whoever is elected AG–the necessary tools to fight meth production.  Good thinking.