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Hat tip to Scooby Doo for the title.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Star‘s resident stenographer [tiny URL] gets distracted by the shiny bauble in the “fair and balanced – we distort and decide” school of poltical reporting.

…Democrat Jay Nixon is facing Republican charges that he broke the law by using his taxpayer-funded car for his political campaign.

Republican incumbent Matt Blunt is up to his nostrils in the Scott Eckersley caper. Eckersley is a former Blunt administration lawyer who was fired Sept. 28. Democrats and Republicans are in unison on that much….

One of these things is not like the other. Uh, Jay Nixon has dealt with the car thing. Matt “baby” Blunt just continues to spin, and spin

Except, of course, the stenographer is way behind the curve in the alleged access to Eckersley’s private e-mail accounts:

Questions remain over access to e-mails

The attorney for the former deputy counsel for Gov. Matt Blunt has requested an investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing in the governor’s office.

Springfield attorney Steve Garner of the Strong Law Firm, who represents fired state attorney Scott Eckersley, wrote a letter Thursday to two top Blunt officials requesting an investigation into possible “criminal” actions related to the access of Eckersley’s personal e-mail account after he was fired….