In his support for the policies of this President, Senator Bond is appearing to come down on the side of torture being legal. First of all let’s get this straight, “enhanced interrogation techniques” are torture. You can dress up a pig and put lipstick on it, but it is still going to be a pig. Senator Bond is the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee and while the other members are gravely concerned by the release of the secret memos, Senator Bond does not seem to share their concerns.

The ranking Republican on the panel, Senator Christopher S. Bond of Missouri, said Thursday night in a statement that the committee had been briefed on the administration’s “legal justifications” for interrogation.

Mr. Bond said he understood that the administration did not want to turn over the opinions themselves because they had confidential legal advice. NY Times

  While Senator Bond has always been an administration loyalists and apologists, I think the citizens of Missouri would and should expect the Senator to draw the line at torture. By toting the administration line the Senator has become out of touch with the events in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in Guantanamo, which by the way the majority of Americans want to see shut down.

  I have never been a fan of John Ashcroft, but atleast he had the temerity to say no to this administration’s liberal interpretations of interrogation laws even from his hospital bed. I think the Senator is out of touch not only with Missourians, but Americans as well if he thinks we condone torture. Senator, I find it difficult to understand why you would not want your committee which was created to debate and discuss these very topics not to have the original memos. Why should your committee have to rely on the NY Times to get information and not the department of government that your committee has oversight for? I think it is important Senator for all Americans to know if we are torturing people who we have locked away in our “secret prisons”.

  Remember Senator Bond has already advocated the release of the CIA from the limits to enhanced interrogations that apply to the other military branches as typified by his interview with Newsweek.

Republican Senator Kit Bond, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told Newsweek magazine that “enhanced interrogation techniques” had worked with at least one captured high-level Al-Qaeda operative, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, to thwart an unspecified plot.

  Senator Bond has a long career in Missouri politics, but I think it’s time we allow the Senator to retire. The war on terror that the Senator actively supports has caused our nation to turn from our democratic ideals into the world’s bully. We have lost our moral standing in the world and our freedoms at home; it is time to put an end to this calamity. It is time for America to return to being America, it is time we begin to look beyond 9/11 and no longer allow the politics of fear to prevail. We must replace the politicians that want to cling to outdated ideas with those who are willing to adapt to a changing world. I am afraid the Senator is the former.

  Let’s say no to torture and to Senator Bond. Missourians we can do better, we must do better. The world is counting on us to return to being America.