[from the St Louis Schools Watch]

SAB member Richard Gaines read a statement at their September 6th regular bi-weekly meeting which offered his personal take on the August 29th actions of our reading comprehension impaired governor.  On August 29th Gov. Blunt sent a letter to the secretary of the senate which stated, “I hereby withdraw from your consideration the following appointments to the office submitted to you on August 20, 2007 for your advice and consent…” and included the name of Richard Sullivan.

Gaines said he felt the need to make a statement because of the many questions he has been asked about the legality of CEO Rick Sullivan’s continuing to sit on the SAB subsequent to the letter.  Gaines’ statement follows.

“I understand that following the nomination by the State Board of Education, Governor Blunt appointed Mr. Sullivan to serve as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Special Administrative Board of the Transitional School District utilizing his interim appointment authority.  Mr. Sullivan’s appointment is subject to Senate confirmation.  Since the Missouri General Assembly convened a Special Session on August 20, 2007, Mr. Sullivan’s appointment must be taken up for confirmation before the Missouri Senate within the following 30 days (or by September 19, 2007).  While I am advised that the governor’s appointment message was returned by the Senate without action, I understand that Mr. Sullivan’s appointment was not actually withdrawn by Governor Blunt.  Assuming the same to be true, Mr. Sullivan’s authority as Member and President of the Special Administrative Board (SAB) and Chief Executive Officer of the Transitional District of the City of St. Louis continues until further action by the governor or until September 19, 2007, whichever occurs first.”  This is the same position that Senate President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons (R-15) has taken.

After Gaines finished reading, he asked SAB Member Melanie Adams to make her own statement of support.  Adams’ impromptu remarks agreed with Gaines’.  While it is nice that Gaines and Adams support Sullivan in this delicate situation, it remains to be seen whether the governor has yet to understand that the state constitution requires him to either call another special session of the legislature, or withdraw the nomination and resubmit it before September 19th.  Blunt has been insisting that he does not have to do either.  It’s good to be king, oh, I mean governor.