[from the St Louis Public Schools Watch]

In a letter dated September 4, 2007 Sodexho Vice President, Education Facilities Services Jerry Tuggle informs the superintendent that “Sodexho is terminating the Agreement, (Editor’s note: meaning their contract) effective November 5, 2007.”  Two months notice and that’s it.

They want all outstanding amounts paid immediately.  They give the district the option of buying all Sodexho equipment and supplies used at district premises on or before the termination.  date.

Why now?  Have they finally gotten fed up with all the negative assessments of their services?  Or are they angling for a renegotiated and more lucrative contract?  Can the SLPS find another “provider” in less than 2 months?  Can they bring custodial and maintenance services back in house in that amount of time?  Stay tuned!