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More on the special session…
Rep Jeff Harris, speaking in Jefferson City before the Mid MO Democratic Club last night, updated the group on the “special session” called by boy Blunt. He described the machinations of Jetton to prevent changes to the bills brought before the session and asked what it meant that Blunt vetoed these things in the regular session. What kind of leadership is Blunt exhibiting when he is forced to veto bills created and passed by a Republican House and Senate? With a nod to Jon Hagler, waiting in the wings to speak to the group on behalf of Jay Nixon…he called for Matt to be resoundingly defeated next year.
As for tickets to the ball game?
Seems that Matt’s brother Andy is a lobbyist for Ticket Master. The brothers pushed for the legalization of scalping.
Jeff voted against it, but it did pass in the Republican controlled  legislature.
Now, scalpers can buy up huge blocks of tickets to sports events and resell them at highly inflated prices. Of course this does not affect Matt’s rich friends who are able to afford season boxes and tickets…the very rich. For the rest of us, if you want to take your kid to the game for an afternoon, you will have to negotiate your entrance with the scalpers!
We have got to take Missouri back! Lets elect Democrats in 08!