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A couple of years ago, right after the state legislature ripped Medicaid away from 100,000 of our poorest Missourians, Democratic representative Rick Johnson rose in the House to compare the cuts to a National Geographic Special showing how predators go after the weakest members of the herd.  Republicans responded by making animal noises until they drowned Johnson out.

Blue Girl wrote at the time:

Speaking as a mother, if one of my adult children were entrusted by the public to represent their district in the state legislature, and then behaved in such a disgraceful and embarrassing manner, I would be in Jefferson City the next day, holding a press conference on the statehouse steps and apologizing to the residents of my state for my childs inexcusable, callous and crude behavior. I would apologize as well for my own shortcomings, because if one of my kids could do something like that, I dropped the ball raising them, plain and simple.

None of the mothers of those Republican representatives apologized publicly. 

And this week, without a trace of irony, Lieutenant-Governor Peter Kinder (a Republican, what else?) said that Democrats “are like dumb animals that forget nothing and learn nothing.”

I don’t plan to forget his insult to half the citizens of the state, so he might be partly right.  But he’s the one who’s learned nothing, certainly not civility or manners. 

Memo to Peter Kinder’s mother: 

We’re waiting.