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Follow the money.


Nonprofit near Kansas City seeks to become ‘epicenter of the school-choice movement’
Before his death, Stanley Herzog’s largesse bankrolled a generation of GOP candidates. His company still pours money into politics, but his fortune is now focused on expanding ‘Christ-centered K-12 education’

The headquarters of the Herzog Foundation sits on the edge of Smithville, in an 18,000-square-foot stone and glass building on a corner lot across the street from a cornfield on a gravel-lined highway.

Few Missouians have likely heard of the Stanley M. Herzog Charitable Foundation, or the organization’s namesake. But the unassuming locale masks what has been described as the “epicenter of the school-choice movement.”

Stan Herzog’s political largesse bankrolled a generation of conservative candidates and causes in Missouri, pouring through a constellation of political action committees and nonprofits. When he died in 2019, he set aside $300 million to start a foundation dedicated to expanding the reach of Christian education.


Follow the money.


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“…Three arms of Herzog’s operations — Herzog Contracting Corporation, Herzog Technologies Inc. and Herzog Railroad Services Inc. — donate simultaneously to multiple political action committees. The three-pronged approach ensures that the committees aren’t primarily funded by a single company — although the three businesses act in unison….”

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