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* that’s sarcasm, in case you’re really clueless

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We see fit.

An attempted trolling comment submitted today in response to – Town Hall on Homelessness/Unhoused – Warrensburg, Missouri – June 29, 2023 (June 29, 2023):

Is there going to be a meeting for the citizens of warrensburg against homeless people on a fair basis and hear their opinions. If no homelessness is in warrensburg then nothing changes but if you keep attracting homeless people to warrensburg it can be the downfall of a very established driving community

First, there was a meeting. It’s on you that you didn’t bother to find out about it and attend. It was well publicized.

“Against homeless”? Seriously.

“Fair basis”? Un unedited audio recording of the entire hour and a half town hall is about as “fair” as anything can get.

“No homelessness” “Attracting”? They’re here. One has to wonder about someone’s sense of place and reality that they consider a small town in west central Missouri with limited social service resources an attractive alternative for anyone trying to get back up on their feet.

“Established driving community”? WTF is that?

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