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In an age of instant communication thoughtfulness does still have an effect. One just has to remember to do the required thinking before hitting “send”.

In the last day:

You can’t fix stupid and republican party are idiots. They will defend the dumb fuck Trump as long as I can.

Who’s doing what?

Is he there to work a behalf on Missouri, who Elected Him.

Biblical vibe there. Or maybe that English wizard school kid.

5 yrs of wasting tax payers money on nonsense. Look in your own backyard and maybe start the cleanup at the top. Maybe the elites and others should pay their taxes too. STOP the nonsense and start working!!

Again, who’s supposed to do what?

Thank you Mr. Schmidt for telling us the truth.

He isn’t, and it’s “Schmitt”.

It seems like no one in office gets any jail time. Do not pay taxes, you get a free walk sign to freedom, but any commoner would be in jail. The buck needs to stop in DC, and Senators, congressmen, FBI, CIA, Presidents, etc. All need to be accountable. We do not black our servers, we do not make up shit, just because you do like the person in office. Everyone needs to be scrutinized and abide by the law. Commoners get persecuted for doing something wrong/illegal andvtheybpsybthe price. Washington eltes need to pay the price.

How very English. And then it peters out…

They’re all are right take of mo first

We have no idea.

Hang in there, Eric, he’s just a bunch of people who can complain about what you’re doing and if they was in the same place they wouldn’t be any different all they are republican on Trump haters

Populism. Yay.

You don’t want me to reply if that Flag bother you then you need A HISTORY LESSON.

But you just did.

I can’t imagine the hate and vitriol in this country (and Missouri) after reading some of these comments. This must be what was being said before the unCivil War that tore this country apart for 4 years or so, and resulted in the deaths of 620,000 Americans. This does not include the millions who came home with major injuries and probably PTSD. I feel that our extreme polarization is leading us closer to another horrible event as the uncivil War.

Too late. That cold war has been ongoing for one hundred fifty eight years.

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