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May 4, 2022:

What to Know About the Leaked Supreme Court Abortion Draft Opinion, and What’s Next
Roughly half of the states will ban abortion almost immediately, and half the states will continue to allow abortion. But it’s important to understand that the long-term agenda of abortion opponents doesn’t end with overturning Roe. What they want is a nationwide ban on abortion. So if you’re in a state like New York or California, where you believe you will have access to abortion even if Roe is overturned, that is true in the short term. But the plan from abortion opponents is to continue to push for a nationwide ban, so that could change.

May 8, 2022 – abortion rights rally in Kansas City:

“They fucking lied…”

“…and I’m fucking pissed”

A half century of women’s right to privacy, bodily autonomy, and health care agency are gone.

Vote accordingly.