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It’s actually considered no excuse absentee voting, apparently.

We decided to vote today.

This involved gathering our government issued photo IDs (U.S. Passport, Missouri Driver License) and trekking over to the County Courthouse. We found the voter office. An individual in the office almost apologetically took our IDs, checked them with the voter roll, and printed two forms for signature. One form had our printed address from the voter roll. We were instructed to print our address on the second form and sign it. Another individual at the counter pointed out, when given that instruction, that the office had already printed our addresses from the voter roll on the first form (which we were also required to sign). The response from the other side of the counter was that this is what the law required. I thought of that other irritated voter, perhaps unfairly, “You voted for this.”

We got our ballots, were escorted to a nearby room, were instructed to not photograph our ballots (it’s in the statutes), finished our voting, took an “I voted…” sticker, and were then on our way.

Just do it.