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Mike Parson (r) [August 2022 file photo}.

The Missouri General Assembly has started concurrent veto and special sessions. Governor Mike Parson’s (r)intent is to permanently defund the state with a disproportionately generous revenue giveaway to the most well off in this state:

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Every taxpaying Missourian, no matter their background, income, or job description will see a reduction in their tax liability. Real lasting relief that will actually make a difference, both now and in the years to come. [….]
4:42 PM · Aug 22, 2022

On what planet is an annual income of $25,000 a year a liveable wage? “The state minimum wage for 2022 is $11.15/hr.” That calculates to an annual salary of just over $23,000.

From the Missouri Budget Project:

The top 1% will get an estimated cut of over $6,000 a year. That seems like a fair exchange for crippling the state budget in perpetuity for everyone else, right?

Some of the responses to Mike Parson (r):

Will my local school go to 4 days a week like so many others? Do I get my state highway repaved in ten years?

Do I still need to put money in the donation jar at Casey’s for some kid needing medical care?

Why didn’t you include a graphic of the reduced amount of Missouri’s 1%? Here, I’ll do it for you: Those earning 500k will see $6k in savings.

Like…don’t we think the senior citizen who is trying to live on 20k a year might want, I dunno, open hospitals less than 50 miles from her house? Also I can save more by using coupons to get my oil changed 2X year. Just such epic bullshit, all of this

Keep my taxes and PAY THE TEACHERS!

I guess thanks for making it clear this is aimed not at people who need help making rent or paying groceries, but a tax break for high-income Missourians. [….]

I have to spend more on school supplies for just 1 kid because our schools are so broke. Want to get me excited about personal savings, tell me our schools will be fully funded and I won’t get a shopping list from the teachers 4 times a year for basic classroom materials.

Where’s the rest of the graphic, that shows massive savings for the hyper-wealthy? Rex didn’t want you to mention that part?

The rich don’t need a tax break they need to pay their fair share. How about you close the loopholes that allow you & your cronies to pay less in taxes than someone making $20,000 a year & use the money to make the poor secure

What a joke. Bankrupting the state for the rich guys. [….]

So Missouri’s State government is chronically understaffed, underfunded, inefficient, ineffective, and pays most of its employees a below-standard wage. Is saving the average taxpayer $10-20 a month in taxes seriously going to make their lives better?

Mike Parson is really proud of the extra cans of cat food that senior widow can afford every month now!

What a plastic trojan horse. Thank you for making clear that the higher the income, the exponentially higher the savings the rich will have with your tax giveaway.

You’re touting a double date dinner & a movie valued tax savings as transformative???
#supermajority #fail

Yeah, but then we’ll all be living in a libertarian paradise.

Where is the tweet that show us how much those that make $150k, $300k, $2MM/year will get?

Maybe because they will get $1000s back as opposed to $100?

What kind of savage joke is this? A couple hundred dollars isn’t going to make a difference in most of our taxes compared to what we’re giving up for it. We want housing, education, health care, transportation, etc. for all. Nobody is buying this.

You left out the part where your rich donors get far more than the average family.

You also left out what we sacrifice in terms of things like.. education. In a state where teacher salaries are already at the bottom.

Wealth redistribution. From ordinary Missourians to the rich.

It’s class warfare – and you’ve been losing for decades.

For a few hundred bucks we’re letting public education go down the toilet?

Exactly. They consider that a feature, not a bug.

Imagine thinking this looks good.

An extra $100 or so while our roads crumble and schools go down to 4 day weeks is not the ‘great deal’ you’re trying to sell it as.

Well, it is Mike Parson (r).

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

You’re so ideologically enamored with tax cuts you don’t even realize this is a nearly meaningless tax cut for most. Meanwhile, we have school districts doing 4 days per week. You think the cut will pay for the childcare they need on the day there’s no school in session?

Where’s the pretty picture showing how much your wealthy donors will save? [….]

I don’t think anyone that makes 25K or 20k smiles like that.

Now do how much the top earners of MO save. (Hint : it’s in the thousands)

I don’t mind paying taxes to cover those less fortunate than me who can’t. I mind paying taxes for the rich who won’t.

This the Parson Legacy. Starve the children, feed the rich!

A 21st Century Missouri Modest Proposal.

Have you ever heard of Sam Brownback?

Oh yes, he has.

Is this a parody account? Relief in the amount of one buck a day for a family of five??

It’s unintentional parody.

You forgot the square for rich people. They benefit the most (over $6K) but you don’t want anyone to see that, do you?

The race to the bottom continues. I’m really tired of so much winning. At least the bumpy roads and crumbling bridges keep the journey interesting

We’re already there.

Funny, you forgot to mention the $6k tax cut to the Uber rich.

Our state is crumbling around us, we are plummeting in most metrics of well being, and people are dying from unfounded healthcare programs and closed rural hospitals. I would prefer investing that money into our state. Tax cuts just tell me you have no solutions to our problems.

We see you, Governor. Tell us more about how $13 – that’s THIRTEEN DOLLARS PER YEAR – is “real lasting relief” for our poorest citizens while the richest gets thousands in breaks. [….]

Woohoo! I can use that savings to put into car repairs since I drive on these atrocious MO roads. Maybe I can also use that savings to buy more supplies for my kids teachers since MO doesn’t adequately fund schools. Thank you for the tax cut, sir!

Bro. Stock photos. Really.

Too tough to go out and find some actual people?

Real people wouldn’t be smiling.